Chartered Institute of Warehousing and Materials Management

COURSE STRUCTURE The institute operates two Examination Schemes. These are:

(a) The Professional Examination, leading to the award of Graduate Professional Diploma

(b) The Diploma in Store – Keeping leading to the award of A.Inst.S

1 Professional Examinations The Institute’s Professional Examinations consist of 24 courses sub divided into three (3) stages Foundation, Intermediate, and Professional stages. (PE1 and PE 11) The professional is sub-divided into 2 parts of 6 courses each.


(Certificate in Store Management)

Paper 1.1 Business Economics

Paper 1.2 Purchasing and Stores Management

Paper 1.3 Quantitative Methods

Paper 1.4 Financial Accounting

Paper 1.5 Business Law

Paper 1.6 Introduction to Management Principle

INTERMEDIATE All the Core Papers

(Diploma is Store and Materials Management)

Paper 2.1 Management Practice & Strategy.

Paper 2.2 Introduction to Cost Accounting.

Paper 2.3 Advanced Financial Accounting.

Paper 2.4 Materials & Production Planning.

Paper 2.5 Inventory & Stores Management.

Choose any one of the followings:

Paper 2.6 Risk and Pension Management (Option)

Paper 2.7 Sales Management (Option)


(Higher Diploma is Warehousing and Materials Management)

Papers Paper 3.1 Supply Chain Management.

Paper 3.2 Corporate Law.

Paper 3.3 Distribution & logistic Management.

Paper 3.4 Corporate Finance.

Paper 3.5 Management Information System. (e- Storage)

Choose any one of the followings:

Paper 3.6 Public Stores and Accounting. (Option)

Paper 3.7 Strategic Marketing Management. (Option)


(Post Graduate Diploma is Warehousing and Materials Management)

Paper 4.1 Materials and Stores Auditing

Paper 4.2 Managerial Accounting “

Paper 4.3 Packaging Materials & Production Management

Paper 4.4 Strategic Inventory & Stores Control Management

Paper 4.5 Multidisciplinary case study

Paper 4.6 Operation Research
No. of Subjects Exam Entry Form
(Non-Refundable) Fee Per
Subject Processing
Charges Total Amount
Foundation & Intermediate 6 Papers N4,500 N12,000 N200 N16,700
5 Papers N4,500 N10,000 N200 N14,700
4 Papers N4,500 N8,000 N200 N12,700
3 Papers N4,500 N5,000 N200 N8,700
2 Papers N4,500 N4,000 N200 N8,700
1 Paper N4,500 N2,000 N200 N6,700

Post Graduate-ship Stage I & II 6 Papers N4,500 N15,252 N200 N19,700
5 Papers N4,500 N12,500 N200 N17,200
4 Papers N4,500 N10,000 N200 N14,700
3 Papers N4,500 N7,500 N200 N12,200
2 Papers N4,500 N5,000 N200 N9,700
1 Paper N4,000 N2,500 N200 N7,200

The standard of the examination scheme at Professional Programme level is that of Post Graduate Diploma award i.e. MBA/M.Sc. The examination is held April and October of every year.