Chartered Institute of Warehousing and Materials Management

The Institute gives an opportunity to all Businesses associated with the Materials and Supply Chain Management Industry to become Corporate Members. We promote their business to our Members through our website, Newsletters and by giving them sponsorship opportunities. For more about the benefits of Corporate Membership see here

We promote their businesses to our Members through our Website, Newsletters and by giving them sponsorship opportunities.

They can nominate one staff member as a Full Member; Nominate as many Members as you like to receive Institute information and discounts; reduced advertising rates in our quarterly Magazine;
Links from our website; Access to members area of our website; May contribute information to our website; Contribute articles and speakers for CPD and other events; Submit information to office for dispersal to enquirers; First offer of table at Awards evening; Invitation to annual Materials Expo; Participate in relevant Industry Group; Networking opportunities with other Materials Management Professionals; Contribute to submissions to Government on relevant matters; Be seen to be supporting the work and aims of the Institute; regional events and conferences at reduced rates; Avail of reduced rates for training; Access to Stores Professionals to deal with every issue you can have; Avail of our Mentor scheme; Backup from the office on every Materials Management related query; if we don’t know the answer, we know a member who does!
Corporate Member: A certificate will be issued once only and will reflect the date the membership became effective. The membership card will be renewed annually on payment of that year fees, and will verify the current member status.

Each individual of a corporate member will be graded separately and new members will be required to pay the once off fee
Corporate Membership Fee N 300,000

Annual Subscription Fee N 20,000

Each employee of the Corporate Company will receive a 10% discount off their annual membership fee.

NOTE: Please ensure that all the data is completed on the portfolio application form submitted with your postal application for grading, specifically your seconded, proposed and contact person at place of work. These are important for enabling CIWM to grade the application promptly