Chartered Institute of Warehousing and Materials Management


Chartered Institute of Warehousing and Materials Management is an examining and professional body since 2005 and was formally incorporated under the Companies And Allied Matters Act, 1990 as the Corporate Institute of Warehousing and Materials Management with Corporate Affairs Commission as a company Limited by Guarantee.

Later the Institute presented her Bill for Chartered-ship in Fourth Republic, 8th National Assembly Second Session No. 8, House of Representative, Federal Republic of Nigeria. Order Paper Wednesday 20, July, 2016. Chartered Institute of Warehousing and Materials Management ( Establishment) Bill, 720, 2016 – Segun Alexander Adekola.

The Institute is also approved by Federal Ministry of Education of Nigeria, as a professional and examining body to regulate the training and dedicated to pain with prostatitis in men where and how it the practicing of warehousing, stores, and materials management as an aspect of supply chain management within the membership framework throughout Nigeria.

CIWM provides a path to recognized professional qualification in Warehousing, Stores, and Materials Management of an International Standard; it is open to men and women solely on the basis of education and ability. The institute also caters for the shortage of qualified professionals in the area of Warehousing, Stores Control and Materials Management.

Mission and Vision Statement

To provide excellent in warehousing Stores and Materials Management towards national prosperity through sustainable development and also present for national service to our country and the world a professional qualified and academically sound Certified Stores and Material Managers.

Vision Statement:

The Materialistic world with our vision.

Aims & Objectives:

To determine and develop the art and science of good warehousing and materials management as a profession in industry, academic discipline, practice and distinct field of study and knowledge.
To provide academic and professional education in warehousing and materials management with a view to improve the quality and standard of warehousing and materials managers, focus and performance in Nigeria and beyond.
To determine the standards of knowledge and skills attained by person seeking to become certified warehousing managers and also improve those standards from time.
To maintain discipline within the profession.
To establish and maintain the Register of Fellows, Full Member and Associate Member, Affiliates and Students of the institute and publish from time to time the contents of the register as circumstances may require.
To bring together persons and organisations interested in the art and science of warehousing and materials management by such means at conferences, dialogues, meetings, reading of papers and the promotion of research.
To provide organisation for men and women in stores and materials management ability and experience who desire to qualify as Certified Warehousing and Materials Managers and secure a professional status, and in particular to promote the interest of those group engaged in the services of government, corporate, statutory undertaking, nationalised industries, public and charitable bodies, industry and commerce etc. generally in Nigeria and other part of the world.