Chartered Institute of Warehousing and Materials Management



Name The name of this organization shall be the Chartered Institute of Warehousing and Materials Management (CIWM).

Mission Statement and Objectives.

Institute Objective:

To determine and develop the art and science of good warehousing and materials management as a profession in industry, academic discipline, practice and distinct field of study and knowledge.
To provide academic and professional education in warehousing and materials management with a view to improve the quality and standard of warehousing and materials managers, focus and performance in Nigeria and beyond.
To determine the standards of knowledge and skills attained by person seeking to become certified warehousing managers and also improve those standards from time.
To maintain discipline within the profession.
To establish and maintain the Register of Fellows, Full Member and Associate Member, Affiliates and Students of the institute and publish from time to time the contents of the register as circumstances may require.
To bring together persons and organizations interested in the art and science of warehousing and materials management by such means at conferences, dialogues, meetings, reading of papers and the promotion of research.
To provide organization for men and women in stores and materials management ability and experience who desire to qualify as Certified Warehousing and Materials Managers and secure a professional status, and in particular to promote the interest of those group engaged in the services of government, corporate, statutory undertaking, nationalized industries, public and charitable bodies, industry and commerce etc. generally in Nigeria and other part of the world.

Composition and Membership of the Institute
The Institute shall be composed of individuals who have been designated as Chartered Stores and Materials Manager as authorized by the Governing Council. The Governing Council, in addition to such duties as may be prescribed in this Constitution and By-Laws, shall act as the policy making body and have such Officers, Governing Council and employees as are necessary to accomplish its objectives.

Section 1 – Qualifications
A candidate for certification as an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Warehousing and Materials Management (ACIWM):
A. Must have a minimum of three years full-time experience in Stores, Warehousing, Logistics, Supply Chain, Procurement and Materials Management prior to certification in four or more of the following categories:

i. Store keeping and Inventory Control Management
ii. Materials Handling and Production Planning and Control
iii. Import and Export Management
iv. Shipping, Clearing and Freight Forwarding
v. Purchasing and Supply Chain Management
vi. Warehousing or Stores Management
vii. Logistics, Transportation and Physical Distribution Management.

B. Must have been awarded a bachelor